"Sartarelli Museum" Open to Public

sartarelli museum

The “Sartarelli Museum” is a creation of the Sartarelli Family to pay tribute to Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.

In the museum there are images, documents and curiosities telling the story of Verdicchio from its origins to its present day success. There is also a large, bright multimedia room, the perfect setting for meetings, exhibitions, wine tastings and other events.

The huge glass windows reflect the vastness of the territory. At the same time they create a sort of extension of the outside into the inside, a continuum with the surrounding vineyards and the gentle rolling hills of Poggio San Marcello. Looking at the outside it is like admiring a work of art: a painting in which the landscape and the architecture are inextricably bound together, an extraordinary illusion which already anticipates what the visitor will find on opening the door into our Museum of Verdicchio, Tribute to Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the Wine of our Land.

For further information and visits please send an e-mail to info@sartarelli.it.

...In Verdicchio Veritas. The Sartarelli Museum