Giachi Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

"PRIMOLIO" – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is extracted from the main cultivar of olives grown in the Florentine hills that are harvested manually and mechanically from end October to the first ten days in November. Cold pressing cold is done immediately in frantoio, to maintain the fresh, pure aspects coming from unripe, green olives. The oil is low in acidity, with an excellent zesty taste.

It is kept in a cool place and cotton-filtered, before distributing onto the market, to prevent any natural deposit which might otherwise alter its excellent inherent features. As ever, this oil puts us in a class apart and continues to bring us widespread acclaim from all over the world. Gourmets would say: “Once we get used to good olive oil ………”.

Visibly limpid, the oil is an intense golden yellow with pale green nuances. The ample, embracing aroma comes with elegant vegetal notes of artichoke, wild cardoon, celery, lettuce and strong herbal hints of rosemary and field balm. Its taste is fine, and has personality, endowed with tones of green tomato and a dried fruit finish. Bitter and piquant, decisive and well-balanced, it is excellent on bean salads, fresh salmon, octopus marinade, mushroom soups, first courses with clams or mussels, roast fish, grilled red meats and hard mature cheeses such as parmesan and pecorino.